Juice Plus+® Virtual Franchise® Success Stories of Inspiring Healthy Living

Success Stories


Juice Plus+® is the perfect business for busy people providing a flexible system to build the business around your life. Hear from people from all walks of life who have built their Juice Plus+ business successfully.

Benefits of Juice Plus+: Whole Food Nutrition

Juice Plus+ users share why they take Juice Plus and that Juice Plus+ is much more than a vitamin; it's packed with real fruits and vegetables.

Juice Plus+ Success Story: Why It Really Works

Health professionals and busy moms alike love the healthful benefits of Juice Plus+.

Founder's Vision

Jay Martin, founder and CEO, shares his vision of building a stable and lasting company that will help as many people as possible realize their dreams.

The Perfect Business for Busy People

Juice Plus+ followers share their views on what makes this unique business model perfect for busy, on-the-go people.

The Juice Plus+ Effect: Get Started Today

Follow the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise tried and proven system for building a Juice Plus+ business of your own.

Your Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise

Own a Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise and build the Juice Plus+ business around your life – not vice versa.

You Share Juice Plus+, We Do Everything Else

Juice Plus+ makes it easy to share healthy living with the people you care about.

Inspire Others with the Benefits of Juice Plus+

Introduce Juice Plus+ to others and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they're on their way to enjoying the benefits of Juice Plus+.

Grow a Profitable Business Part-Time

Hear from everyday people who have built their own successful Juice Plus+ businesses while making a difference in the lives of others.

Build a Team and Earn Even More

Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise members discuss how their business helped them not only earn money, but create lifelong friendships along the way.