Virtual Franchise® Support: You Share Juice Plus+®, We Do Everything Else

We make owning a Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise easy so you can focus on building your business.

As you build your Virtual Franchise, Juice Plus+ offers support and encouragement every step of the way. Our goal is to handle all of those troubling and time-consuming administrative functions usually associated with having your own business – such as order processing, shipping, billing and collecting. 

In addition to handling all back-room tasks, we offer a variety of sales support programs and materials and business training tools, making it easier to build your customer base and – if you choose to do so – a Juice Plus+ team of your own.

Valuable Business Training Tools & Marketing Programs


Innovative Marketing Programs

Juice Plus+ Professional Support Program

Our Juice Plus+ Professional Support Program allows busy doctors and other health professionals to share Juice Plus+ with their patients or clients while another person handles customer follow-up.

For families looking to stay healthy, we provide Juice Plus+ free to children ages 4-18 and college students through our Healthy Starts for Families, as long as their parents agree to begin taking Juice Plus+ as well. 


Solid Business Training

Training from our corporate support team

Get advice and training from our corporate support team and other Juice Plus+ team members. 

  • Call or email our dedicated Business Support team to get answers to your questions.
  • Attend one of our Leadership Conferences or a nearby weekend training session.
  • Build your own Juice Plus+ team and be assigned a dedicated personal Business Partner who will coach you and help you set goals to reach the next level.



Informative Juice Plus+ Events

Build your Juice Plus+ business

Build your Juice Plus+ business by educating others on the value of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Continue to grow your own knowledge about the benefits of fruit and vegetable nutrition – and share them with your customers and prospects – through ourPrevention Plus+ health education meetings, featuring doctors and health professionals. Find upcoming events near you on

We also make it easy to host your own in-home wellness events. With the support of your sponsor and the tools we’ve created for you, it can be fun and easy to regularly share the benefits of Juice Plus+ with small groups of friends and neighbors in the comfort of your own home.